Daddies & Pigs Part 2

Monday, October 25, 2010



Daddies & Pigs Part 2

Stars: Shawn Islander, Paco, Rex Armswell, Craig Stowe, Fred Harry, Brad Wilder, Bruce Stanton, Jason Davis, Jake Slade, Asoka, Billy Cochran, Monty Crisco, Fritz Logan, Sian Wilder, Ivan Pushkin

Wolfgang Bang has done it again. For part 2 of Daddies & Pigs he has compiled 15 hot fisting studs in the biggest video yet from this first-class director. The result is 2 hours of the hottest hard-core ass-pounding action we have seen in a very long time. The first scene starts with one of the hottest new porn stars in recent years, Billy Cochran, as he takes on fetish cop Jake Slater and the insatiable pig Jason Davis. Next we get to watch some of our favorite pigs from part one as they get into a hot group action scene. The scene starts off with Craig Stowe working over Paco’s ass which even has the word “PIG” tattooed on it as if it wasn’t obvious enough. Then daddy Bruce Stanton shows up with his pigboy Shawn Islander on a leash. Soon everyone is fisting everyone else at the



Downloading 0273_GE_Daddies_and_Pigs_Part_2.part1.rar | 201.0 Mb

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File Name : 0273_GE_Daddies_and_Pigs_Part_2.wmv

File Size : 947.23 MB

Resolution : 720×480

Duration : 02:01:32

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