Sneaker Lovin’ Cum Sluts

Friday, April 22, 2011



Sneaker Lovin’ Cum Sluts

Stars: Oliver Vegas, Branden Forrest, Aaron Wolf, Lance Bennett, Aaron Burner, Randall Lakes, Shawn Phoenix, Hunter Hanley, Cory Lakes, Jack Thunda

A kinky treat for anyone who would love watching two hot young, athletic, perfectly toned studs in man to man action, but a must-have for sneaker fetishists. A variety of erotic sneakers, including a too-hot shiny red pair, are all that is worn by these boys. They don’t wear their running shoes for running, but for fucking and sucking. And great fucking it is, with blowjob, butt plug and handjob scenes all centered around these boy’s love of sneakers, as their footwear keeps them going through laps and laps of hot, nasty fun! A great fetish film, but also a hit with anyone who can’t get enough of young tight bodied men doing what they love best!



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File Name : 0437_GE_Sneaker_Lovin_Cum_Sluts.wmv

File Size : 1425.24 MB

Resolution : 720×404

Duration : 01:39:23

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